The History

Brad started his journey in construction some 31 years ago, working as a diesel mechanic for Rio Tinto. It was there that he was able to accumulate knowledge and understanding of the mining and construction industries. Giving him a wide range of experience from:

Working in fixed plant, mobile plant, field work, boiler maker sections and light vehicles just to name a few.

After finishing his apprenticeship, he moved to the Gold Coast and worked as a maintenance fitter for a residential property developer. But longed to run his own diesel-mechanical business. Which he did for 4 years and then he returned to the Hard Rock underground mining sector, in Cobar NSW for another 5 years.

He found himself back in QLD to help his stepfather run a family-owned telecommunications company. He was a joint director for a number of years until his stepfather retired.

Brad has a total of 15 years’ experience in the civil construction sector. Specializing in Horizontal Directional drilling & developing communication networks for Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone & TPG to name a few.

This experience paved the way to where he is now, the CEO of MeshMate Industries.

The Problem

In the field of underground drilling, there is a requirement for exposing any underground assets before commencing drilling. To be sure not to hit or disrupt any of those underground assets or the services i.e. electricity, gas, and water.

This must be done before any drilling can take place as the holes have to be left open so that the asset owners can be satisfied. A clear exclusion area is required for both the workers and the public, as they are regularly in high traffic areas. This has presented an industry practice which is an often expensive & frustrating one, but required to maintain safety. The most common method to do this is by use of temporary barricades fencing, an industry standard.

It is in the process of installing and dismantling these barricades that MeshMate looks to dramatically improve. From the worker, right down the line to the public and their safety.

Brad soon realized a problem with how this process is done. “A frustrating and very time-consuming process for myself and my crew members.” They would have to dedicate 1-2 people to ensure star pickets were put into the ground. And orange barrier mesh was fixed to the star pickets via either electrical tape or plastic cable ties.

The Issues

  • Tedious, frustrating, time-consuming.
  • Plastic waste, as zip ties and tape are often cut off and left onsite.
  • Destroyed Mesh due to a destructive dismantling process.

All resulting in more costs to the company. Drawn out over a long enough timeline it’s easy to see how much can be saved.

“There must be an easier way to complete this task. Whilst reducing waste and materials and increase safety and efficiency” Brad started to ponder on the idea. After searching and finding no solutions he took work on creating his own, and MeshMate was born!

The Solution

An item that is efficient and labor-saving. Whilst increasing site safety, it addresses all the issues currently faced with this process. And we endeavor to improve all areas of the safety industry.

Problems are not always seen by the people or companies that have to endure them. And it is not until someone challenges the status quo that these areas are brought to light. One thing is for certain, we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

MeshMate is a conscious plastic producing company. We strive for efficiency, simplicity, and safety in and around our works sites and a productive, better future.